Step into the future.
Step into Server Dome.

The Next Generation Data Center

Server Dome looks different, because it is different.

Server Dome is unlike any data center you've ever seen. Because it's the first of its kind. The geodesic dome eliminates the need for air conditioning because the shape is so efficient at cooling air naturally. With the exception of a few fans, there is no HVAC equipment. Making Server Dome extremely efficient and virtually maintenance free.


better power efficiency

Server Dome consistency produces 1.15 or less PUE rating. That's 34% better than any conventional center.


reduced maintenance costs

Server Dome doesn't have all that mechanical cooling equipment, so you spend 80% less on maintenance.

4MW ⁄ 25,000SQ FT

superior power density

At 25,000 sq ft, Server Dome has 3X the Power Density of a conventional data center.

Welcome to Server Paradise

Nature, put to work. Instead of depending on expensive machinery,
we leverage two laws of nature:

Law #1: Thermal Buoyancy

Servers generate a lot of hot air. And hot air rises. A dome is the perfect shape to draw hot air up, which we then disperse out through the cupola vents.

Law #2: Air Flow

The shape of the dome and the aluminum it's made of cool the air and circulate it downward, where it joins new air fans are bringing in, making the entire structure function like a convection air conditioner.

Better, by Design.

Proven in the Field

Air Conditioning without air conditioners

Having no air conditioners might sound crazy. But so does spending 60% of your budget on air conditioning. Not to mention Server Dome uses less than 1,500 gallons of water a per year.

Only $5K in 4 years

In its first three years of operation, only $5,000 was spent on maintenance. Total.

Scalable with Zero Downtime

Unlike other data centers, the circular array allows new servers to be added with zero downtime.

Visit us and see for yourself the future of data centers.